Book of a Thousand Proverbs

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The Book of a Thousand Proverbs (Llibre dels mil proverbis in Catalan), the work of Ramon Llull, is a valuable collection of sentences that extends over a wide range of fields of knowledge and everyday life, addressing theology, philosophy, ethics, social life and practical aspects of human existence.
The content of the work is divided into fifty-two chapters, whose number of proverbs varies between seventeen and twenty-two, having an approximate average of twenty proverbs per chapter. In a gesture of thematic organization, each chapter is devoted to a particular concept, be it a virtue, a moral quality, or a human condition. The structure of the chapters follows a hierarchy: it begins with reflections on God, then addresses the responsibilities and roles of the prelate, the prince, the subject, and so on.
One of the outstanding characteristics of this work is the brevity and conciseness of its sentences, which allows an agile and concentrated reading. It is also worth mentioning the didactic simplicity that it presents, facilitating the understanding of the precepts that it proposes. In addition, there is a mnemonic musicality that makes the work a delight when reading and that facilitates the retention of ideas.
Far from the rigor and complexity of scholastic demonstration, The Book of a Thousand Proverbs is a light but profound work, where wisdom is revealed in a direct and accessible way. The sentences exude a keen intelligence and an orientation towards perfection, demonstrating a remarkable ability to capture and condense luminous thoughts in a few words.
These qualities, coupled with its historical and cultural relevance, make The Book of a Thousand Proverbs a classic of medieval thought, and its influence can be traced to later literature and philosophy. His reading provides a unique look at the moral, ethical and social concerns of the time, while offering timeless reflections that remain relevant today.

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