Book III. Cap. VII. Magical Arts, Witchcraft, and Superstitions in Spain

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Chapter VII of Book III of “History of the Heterodox Spaniards,” titled “Magical Arts, Witchcraft, and Superstitions in Spain from the 8th to the 15th Century,” is an in-depth study by Marcelino Menéndez y Pelayo. This chapter is part of a larger work that examines the spiritual movements and alternative thought currents in Spanish history.
Here, Menéndez y Pelayo provides a meticulous and detailed analysis of esoteric practices, from the persistence of Visigothic superstitions to the influence of Arab and Jewish magical arts that intertwined in the cultural fabric of medieval Spain. Topics such as the transmission of hidden knowledge in the schools of Toledo, judicial astrology, and key figures like Virgilio Cordobés are addressed.
Through a clear and accessible academic style, the author documents these esoteric practices and offers a critical context that allows understanding their evolution over the centuries, as well as the response of both ecclesiastical and secular authorities to these cultural manifestations.
“Magical Arts, Witchcraft, and Superstitions in Spain” is crucial for understanding the complex web of heterodoxy in Spain, revealing how magical practices and superstitions were not mere remnants of ignorance but active elements that challenged and sometimes integrated into the dominant culture.
The work of Menéndez y Pelayo, with its depth and intellectual rigor, is indispensable for historians, scholars, and any reader interested in the less explored currents of Spanish cultural and religious history.

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