Birds Without Nests

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Birds Without Nests (Aves sin nido) is the most outstanding work of Clorinda Matto, recognized as the precursor novel of indigenismo, a literary movement basically in Peru. Birds Without Nest is a denunciation – with a philanthropic, sentimental and compassionate vision – of the precarious conditions of the indigenous people.

  • In the first part of the novel, the mistreatment of the indigenous population, the incompetence of the authorities and the corruption of the priests, mark the narrative thread of the story.
  • And in the second part of Birds Without Nests, the strength of the novel, with melodramatic and folkloric overtones, is imposed, but without abandoning the social claim and complaint that underlie the whole novel.

If history is the mirror where future generations have to contemplate the image of the generations they were, the novel has to be the photograph that stereotypes the vices and virtues of a people, with the consequent corrective moral for those and the tribute of admiration for them.

Proemio de Aves sin nido


Edited by Adriana López-Labourdette.

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