Biographical Notes of Ricardo Güiraldes

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These Biographical Notes by Ricardo Güiraldes unfold as an introspective and personal journey through the literary influences and friendships that shaped his intellectual and creative path, highlighting him as one of the most prominent Argentine writers of the 20th century. In his correspondence with Guillermo de Torre, Güiraldes reveals a tapestry of experiences and reflections that delve into philosophical and existential territories beyond mere literary anecdote.
This work offers readers a unique glimpse into Güiraldes’s psyche, revealing not only his profound appreciation for reading and culture but also his vision of art as a philosophy of life. His friendship with figures such as Jorge Luis Borges and admiration for authors like Leopoldo Lugones weave through a dialogue that transcends time and space, positioning Güiraldes within a network of intellectual influences and affinities.
References to Güiraldes’s narrative in these biographical notes allow for an understanding of the complexity of literary creation, seen not just as an act of imagination but as the result of ongoing dialogue with tradition and cultural surroundings. Through its pages, the book offers a privileged perspective on the creative process, marked by the search for authenticity and continuous reflection on the writer’s role in society.
These Biographical Notes are a testament to Güiraldes’s commitment to art and literature as means for exploring the human soul. Through his reflections, the author emerges as a deep thinker, whose work and life are inextricably linked in the pursuit of broader truths about being and its place in the world. This document is an invaluable contribution for those seeking to understand not only Güiraldes as a writer but also as a human being in his constant quest for beauty, meaning, and transcendence.

Draft letter, for Guillermo de Torre

Buenos Aires, June 27, 1925

My dear William:
I’ve been with your book since yesterday. Does he know that my hopes are in him and that despite the confidence with which he awaited him, he has managed to arouse in me the impression of an event?
A few years ago (I think I had the sore intelligence of loneliness), Lalou’s chronicles gave me the following joy: to be able to count on a book that wanted my affections … although Laforgue made me angry thinking it was not done justice; Great justice as I understood it deserved.
Now I explain why you asked me for my previous works, as well as explain that in a paragraph of a letter to Borges I asked you what my position was among young people. You were making your history of what is called the “modern literary movement” and you wanted to have even the smallest data. Well: I did not send him The Crystal Cowbell, nor the volume of Cuentos, nor Raucho, nor Rosaura, because he was going through a moment of corrective craving and I was not pleased that a volume full of disorder fell into his nice hands of taster, according to my current criteria. I say a volume because I think first of all of The Cowbell.
He didn’t think his analysis of current values and efforts was so personal, so deep, and so dated. Rather I imagined a hymn to the current energies with one or another individual quotation.
I have been mistaken and I believe frankly that in his overwhelming erudition some direct information about me would not have been useless. I don’t know how to excuse myself.
But let’s go to the friendly tone. You are undoubtedly the clear, enthusiastic, courageous, poetic and long-documented critic of the present moment, so gravid of divergent tendencies and personalities. At the dawn of your work you take the writers without fear of error and analyze them boldly, leaving aside the prudence that many would have had, whether they were writers in full creative power or in simple dawn of sensitivity. Almost all his critics have a more fruitful tomorrow in achievements than their yesterday. Never mind. You have to try to define them and you define them almost a priori. Great intuition that you trust and so do I. As for the ordered history of isms, groups and collective tendencies that serves me as it will serve many to clarify their vision of the current polemical barahúnda, you achieve a very useful precision. His book, in addition to evidencing his strong personal qualities, will be an essential guide for the walker, who today has so often broken the orientation against lies and insufficient data about the panorama. You are going to restore balance to many drunks intoxicated in the bowling alley of unsympathetic criticism. Bravo and thank you!

Fragment of the work

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