Big House. Scenes from Life in Chile

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When the first edition of Big House. Scenes from Life in Chile (Casa grande. Escenas de la vida en Chile) became an unprecedented publishing success in Chile. But at the same time, severe and controversial criticism arose, since certain characters of the Chilean oligarchy were reflected in the novel.

“The whole society was swept away by the vertigo of money, by the anxiety of being rich soon, the next day. Sentimental concerns, love, reverie, desire, disappeared swept away by the positive and cold wind of voracity and sensualism.

wrote Luis Orrego Luco to explain the theme of his novel.
It was not only social criticism that rose up against Casa Grande. So did literary critics, such as Hernán Díaz Arrieta. He pointed out that the novel was full of ironic or useless images that invalidated it as a work of art.
The church also joined. The Catholic press soon fought what it considered an immoral work and contrary to religious principles. He saw in the reflections on the crisis of marriage, arguments in favor of divorce.
For Orrego Luco the starting point of Big House. Scenes from Life in Chile It is the observation and analysis of the truth of his time.
The plot of life is the plot of the novel. Orrego’s literary exercise is not reduced to a mere fantasy. In his opinion the author should shake and shock the reader with the edifying and ethical purpose of improving society.

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