Bellarmine and Apollonius

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With Belarmino y Apolonio (1921) begins the second stylistic period of Ramón Pérez de Ayala. At this stage he abandons realism in favor of caricature symbolism and the language is recharged with ideological components of the essay. Bellarmine and Apollonius discusses the theme of transcendental doubt in a deeply religious soul.
Through this work Ramón Pérez de Ayala offers us the double perspective: philosophical (that of Bellarmine) and poetic (that of Apollonius) of life. The action of the novel advances between digressions on the Dionysian and the Apollonian with enormous symbolic value.
The plot recounts the rivalry between the two shoemakers who give the novel its name – one, absurdly gongorino; the other, an amateur playwright. These characters, more than an exemplification of two opposing theories, represent different perspectives to interpret the small universe in which they move.
The humanity and complexity of Bellarmine and Apollonius is viewed by the author with a critical and humorous lens. Moreover, the broken romance maintained by the daughter of the first, Angustias, and the son of the second, the seminarian Pedro (or Guillén) goes a long way.

Don Amaranto de Fraile, whom I met many years ago in a guest house, was undoubtedly a man out of the ordinary, not less for the bodily trace than for his intelligence, character and customs. Someday it may occur to me to refer often to what I had to find out of his life, and above all to collect out of curiosity his doctrines, opinions, aphorisms and paradoxes; whence could result a book that if it does not emulate the “Memorabilia” in which Xenophon left reverent and filial memory of his teacher Socrates, it will surely be because I am as far from Xenophon as Don Amaranto approached, as it was, Socrates: a Socrates of three pesetas, with a beginning. But all this does not suit my purpose now.
When I met him, this extraordinary man was already in his sixties.
He had lived twenty years in the same guest house, the one where I found him, and another twenty-five in many other guest houses. That is, he had spent his life in guest houses. The house, where Destiny had to gather us temporarily, was disgusting in every way. I spent only two months there, and that is because the sympathy and delightful teaching of Don Amaranto persuaded me to extend my stay.

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