Bases and Starting Points for the Political Organization

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Bases and Starting Points for the Political Organization of the Argentine Republic was published in May 1852 in Chile and was reissued, along with a draft Constitution for Argentina. Juan Bautista Alberdi sent the book to the then Argentine president Justo José de Urquiza, who thanked him in these terms:

“Your well-thought-out book is, in my opinion, a very important means of cooperation. It couldn’t have been written at a better time.”

The bases and starting points for political organization are notoriously influenced by American constitutional law. Therefore, they were the skeleton of the Argentine National Constitution, born in 1853. Its editors read and re-read Alberdi’s work.
Then Santa Fe’s constituents used this book as a model, a year later.
It is worth mentioning in the Bases the chapters dedicated to analyzing the national constitutions of the time and the newly constituted State of California. Alberdi analyzes case by case, examples of good and bad practices aimed at promoting the wealth of nations or their poverty.

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