Artistic and Literary Judgments

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Artistic and Literary Judgments (Juicios literarios y artísticos) is a collection of essays and critiques that together offer a penetrating and detailed perspective on various works and figures from the cultural landscape of its era. The work, which covers both literature and art, is a testament to the author’s deep understanding and sharp critical perception of artistic and literary movements.
The structure of the book allows the reader to navigate through a broad spectrum of topics and authors, from specific analyses of literary works to considerations on artistic trends and their impact on society. Each essay is presented as an autonomous piece, but together they form a mosaic that reflects the cultural and aesthetic concerns of their time.
Notable in Artistic and Literary Judgments is the author’s ability to delve into the works and personalities addressed. Alarcón offers not only a superficial critique but also explores the motivations, historical context, and transcendence of each subject. His analytical approach combines scholarship with accessible prose, making the book valuable both to scholars and general readers interested in culture.
Furthermore, the author is not limited to mere critique. He engages in dialogue with the works and their creators, establishing a link between the past and the present and suggesting, in many cases, the future relevance of these artistic and literary manifestations. This ability to connect different eras and styles makes Artistic and Literary Judgments a timeless work, offering keys to understanding the essence of the works and figures analyzed and the role of art and literature in reflecting on the human condition.
Artistic and Literary Judgments is a work rich in reflections, notable for its analytical depth and contribution to cultural debate. It is an essential book for those interested in a deeper understanding of art and literature, as well as their role in the evolution of thought and aesthetic sensitivity over time.

Discourse on Morality in Art

From the unforgettable speeches that, as perennial monuments, mark your successive entry into the Royal Spanish Academy, and whose exquisite workmanship I have returned to admire these days, seeking in it lessons and examples for my task today, it turns out that all of you, with coming accompanied by titles and merits that I lack, and to be in every extreme worthy of an investiture that you had so much to honor, you entered full of confusion, timidity and reverence in this literary Senate, temple of the laws of good saying, where the Heroes of Art guard and increase the rich treasure of the speech of Castile. Easily, then, you will guess the affections, much more vivid and pressing, the more natural and due, which stir my heart in this solemn act, and some of which, in reparation of justice, serve as punishment for the avilantez with which, abusing your indulgence, I claimed the undeserved honor of surnaming me your companion, when in reality I was to come here (why deny it?) to continue to be your disciple.
Much more I would say in this; But the polished terms and gallant phrases with which all of you, in tribulation analogous, not identical, to mine, expressed the same concepts, come to mind, and it would grieve me if, due to disadvantages of intelligence and style, the obligation of my thanks appeared today less eloquent and affectionate than yesterday the noble humility of your modesty. Let me be lawful, on the other hand, to define with ingenuity, and in the plain and ordinary language proper to my fondness for the novel of customs, the nature and nature of the mixed emotions felt by the lover of the Bellas Lettres when he passes from the status of writer by his own jurisdiction to the official category of individual of this illustrious Corporation, Or at least he will explain the concerns he experiences on this occasion who, like me, during a long and joyful literary student, has only camped for his respect.

Fragment of the work

Reference edition: Madrid, Imprenta de A. Pérez Dubrull, 1883.

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