Apocryphal Gospels

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The apocryphal Gospels were written in the early centuries of Christianity and tell stories concerning Jesus, which do not appear in canonical texts. They are scenes omitted by Christian orthodoxy, which were found, in the twentieth century, in the Dead Sea Scrolls and those of Nag Hammadi.
These documents were given the name Gospels because of their similar appearance to the four gospels admitted into the New Testament canon. However, many of them do not have an evangelical style. Some of these writings appeared in Gnostic communities, intended to contain hidden words and messages (in Greek, apokryphos).
It should be noted that the term apocryphal did not indicate in its origins falsehood, but mystery. These messages, hidden among the discourses and attributed to Christ, were reserved for initiates in those communities.
The reading of the apocryphal Gospels illustrates the way in which Christianity was understood in the first centuries of its history and, in particular, the figure of Jesus, of whom the apocryphal gospels offer a very different image from that of the canonical ones. Here the childhood of Jesus Christ and his worldly adventures are told.

Translation by: Edmundo González-Blanco.

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