Antiochus and Seleucus

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Antiochus and Seleucus is a dramatic work from the Spanish Golden Age, written by Agustín Moreto y Cabaña. It intensely addresses the intrigues and rivalries within the Seleucid dynasty following the death of Seleucus II. The play explores power, betrayal, and the complexities of familial relationships within a historically significant context.
The piece revolves around the characters of Antiochus and Seleucus, sons of Seleucus II, who face the challenges of the political and personal legacy left by their father. Antiochus III the Great, one of the protagonists, rises to power under circumstances marked by distrust and conflict, highlighted by his brief reign and tragic death by poisoning at the hands of his own generals.
Moreto uses drama to reflect on the ironies of fate and the moral failings of his characters, infusing the narrative with both a tragic and didactic tone. The work stages power struggles; it delves into the ethical and personal dilemmas of its central figures, offering a profound study of human nature and political responsibility.
In terms of structure, this work is meticulously composed, with dialogues that reflect Moreto’s mastery of the language of the Golden Age. The characters are well-developed, and their interactions contribute a rich emotional and psychological texture to the drama.
Antiochus and Seleucus serves as a mirror to the political tensions of its time and a testimony to the universal conflicts of humans in the face of power and morality.

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