Anthology of José de San Martín

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José de San Martín, called the “Great Liberator”, was an Argentine soldier and politician who led the liberation campaigns that allowed the independence of Argentina, Chile and Peru. A careful reading of his work collected in this Anthology will allow us to know in depth not only this complex and enigmatic figure, but also to approach the complex context of the Spanish-American revolutions.
This short anthology of José de San Martín includes the following texts:

  • Part of the colonel of mounted grenadiers Don José de San Martín to the Superior Government
  • Extraordinary of Buenos Aires on Thursday, February 20, 1817
  • Lima, August 29, 1821
  • Mr. José de Sandacsacmi
  • Letter from the President of Peru, Grand Marshal Don Ramón Castilla to the Generalissimo of Peruvian Arms, Don José de San Martín
  • Letter from the President of Peru, Grand Marshal Don Ramón Castilla to General Don José de San Martín
  • Testament of José de San Martín

Lima, August 29, 1821

His Excellency the Liberator of Colombia, Simón Bolívar.

Dear General,
I told you in my last of the 23rd of the current that having resumed the supreme command of this republic, in order to separate from him the weak and inept Torre-Tagle the attentions that surrounded me at the time did not allow me to write to you with the attention I desired; now in verifying it, I will not only do so with the frankness of my character but with that demanded by the high interests of America.
The results of our interview have not been what I promised myself for the speedy end of the war. Unfortunately I am intimately convinced either that he has not sincerely believed my offer to serve under his orders, with the forces of my command, or that my person is embarrassing to him.
The reasons that you gave me that your delicacy would never allow you to send me, and that even if this difficulty could be overcome I was sure that the Congress of Colombia would not authorize your separation from the territory of the republic, allow me general, I tell you have not seemed plausible to me. The first refutes itself. As for the following, I am very much persuaded, the slightest manifestation of yours to Congress would be received with unanimous approval when it comes to ending the struggle in which we are engaged with the cooperation of you and that of the army of your command, and that the honor of putting an end to it will reflux both upon you and upon the republic over which you preside.
Don’t be under any illusions, General. The news he has of the royalist forces is wrong: they mount in Upper and Lower Peru more than 19,000 veterans, who can meet in the space of two months.

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