Anthology of José Antonio Ramos Sucre

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This Anthology of the Venezuelan José Antonio Ramos Sucre collects the best of his work. Most Venezuelan literary voices agree in recognizing Ramos Sucre (1890-1930) as the country’s most important poet.
His work —although almost unknown to his contemporaries— is valued today as one of the most significant expressions of Venezuelan poetry.
The theme used by Ramos Sucre in his work was characterized by the frequent use of symbolism, mythology, Venezuelan historical figures, the fantastic and esoteric; The theme of death occupied a large space in his literary production.
The work of Ramos Sucre is sometimes close to the dream story and at others to a poetry in evocative and visual prose.
It has nourished many of today’s most prestigious writers. Although difficult to catalog, his work is eminently avant-garde, preserving a symbolism. Literary critics agree and recognize a rejection of the criollismo that prevailed in the Venezuelan literary field
This anthology contains his main creations in poetic prose:

  • The Rudder Tower, 1925,
  • The enamel sky
  • and The Forms of Fire, both 1929.

The Fugitive
He fled anxiously, with sore feet, through the wasteland. The snow wet the black soil.
I hoped to save myself in the birch forest, uncurved by the storm. I was able to hide in the den caused by the uprooting of a tree. I composed the manifest roots to defend myself from the brown bear, and dismissed the bats with shouts and slaps.
He was stunned by the blow to the head. He suffered hallucinations and nightmares in the hiding place. I understood escapades running further.
I crossed the quagmire covered with long, amplective reeds and exited into a second desert. I refrained from lighting a fire for fear of being hit.
I lay out in the open, numb from the cold. I glimpsed the errands of my methodical executioners. They followed me on horseback, aided by black dogs, with fiery eyes and ferocious barking. The riders boasted, as a plume, the hopo of a ruse.
I saw as I stepped on the border, the fire of the asylum, and I ran to crouch at the feet of my god.
His seated image listens with his eyes lowered and smiles sweetly.

Fragment of the work

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