Anthology of Alberto Adriani

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In this Anthology by Alberto Adriani, we present his essays on Venezuela. They manifest his struggle to eradicate the apathy that postponed the future of his country.
Adriani wanted to promote an economy founded on scientific principles. He wanted to study with criteria the problems related to the political, economic and social reality of Venezuela.
Alberto Adriani marked new lines for the future of his country by adopting the principles of democracy. He also condemned inequalities and colonial traditions. This is expressed in Comparative Psychology, one of the essays that make up this volume:

“In this epoch of profound revolution and transformation: when we reap the legacy left to us by the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, centuries of bold political and social revolution, of daring reform in all sciences, in all systems, and in every order; that the anarchy of intelligence, which the Reformation had brought about, descended into practice, leaving nothing in its place; in which the sciences received new elements that changed their face and their future; in which the mistake became Hydra of a hundred heads; in that liberties received a powerful new impetus, and that even the beginning that had governed historical evolution changed; when materialism has spread everywhere unhinging beliefs and knowledge; when the error of new theories has invaded with inconceivable audacity the fields of truth; When the sciences and especially the natural sciences advance with giant steps, it seems that even the errors are fortified, it is necessary that in the same field and with the same sciences with which the false sages seem to invigorate their errors and combat the dogmas of the true science, the problems that concern them be clarified and solved, Let the ambiguities of error flee, and on its squalid and desolate ruins, rise the solid and imposing edifice of truth.
Hence it has become necessary to assimilate ourselves to contemporary thought by the study of the biological or rather psychobiological sciences, whose applications have become numerous because they are those invoked by the materialist school and others in their errors, being a matter of all combat and intensifying or annulling deductions on their own, universality that is the effect of the predominance and development that the modern scientific tendency tends to print to the natural sciences. and from these, to the biological ones, having even converted Psychology into Psychophysiology, and being like the bridge between them and Philosophy.”

Fragment of the work

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