America for Americans

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America for the Americans by Enrique Collazo is a work that delves into the intervention policies and influence of the United States in Latin America during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Through critical and detailed analysis, Collazo exposes the political and social consequences of the Manifest Destiny doctrine and the Monroe Doctrine, under the slogan “America for the Americans,” which justified many of the expansionist actions of the United States on the continent.
Collazo, a meticulous and critical observer of the political dynamics of his time, provides in this work a historical and critical review of how these doctrines were used to intervene in the internal affairs of Latin American nations. His analysis addresses not only historical events but also considers the repercussions of these policies on the sovereignty and political development of the affected countries.
This book unravels the multiple layers of U.S. foreign policy, showing how economic interests and the pursuit of political power were often camouflaged behind the rhetoric of democracy and freedom. Collazo illustrates how these actions were perceived in Latin American nations and how they contributed to a feeling of mistrust and resistance towards American policies.
America for the Americans is a key work for understanding the history of inter-American relations and comprehending the roots of many of the political tensions and conflicts that have continued to the present. Enrique Collazo, with his informed and critical perspective, offers an invaluable vision that is relevant both for historians and politicians interested in U.S. foreign policy and its impact on Latin America.

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