Amadeus I

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Amadeo I is the third novel in the fifth and final series of the National Episodes. In its historical context, this novel by Benito Pérez Galdós begins with the entry into Madrid of Amadeo de Saboya, called by the Cortes to be crowned king of Spain. His first act is to attend the funeral of Juan Prim, recently killed in a terrorist attack, allegedly in a conspiracy organized and financed by Antonio de Orleans. The future king, although well received by the people and the middle class, is rejected by the aristocracy, in a political environment of great instability in which several governments succeed each other: that of Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla, that of Práxedes Mateo Sagasta and finally that of Francisco Serrano. We also witnessed a new Carlist insurrection, followed by a republican one and also an attempt against Amadeo I.
Galdós dresses the events with a plot in which we follow the narrative of the Republican Proteo Liviano, journalist, great orator and, as often happens in the arguments of these episodes, a donjuan whose adventures lead him to numerous lances and amorous conquests. The character of Mariclío, a woman who comes to personify the history of Spain, also plays a leading role in the novel, in an ironic turn very typical of Galdós. The character uses Proteus to be an observer for both the readers and herself. From the point of view of style, Amadeo I sometimes becomes a fantastic tale, disrupting the concepts of time and space, even fleeing from the chronological correspondence so always cared for by the author.

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