All Cuban Constitutions

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This anthology includes All Cuban Constitutions. From the first constitutions with which the independence forces formed a legal code and a framework of legal action from which to legitimize their positions. The first three of these constitutions, included here, are concerned with preparing a space of power and legality. They are intended, among other things, to establish treaties and separate the judiciary from the rest of the powers.
It is from the Constitution of the Yaya that the constitutional writings of the Cuban independence movements begin to establish authentic principles of governability. In a growing desire to cover the political aspects closest to daily life on the island. And also with the pretension of dialogue with the two foreign forces that most influenced Cuba at the time: Spain and the United States.

  • This book includes, among others, the Autonomous Constitution of 1897.
  • The Platt Amendment, drafted by the Americans during their “protectorate”, also appears here due to the weight it had in the history of Cuba.
  • In the Cuban Constitution of 1940, race, emigration, the status of women, equal opportunities and the defense of a State that protects the disadvantaged classes are elements of reference.
    Although the subsequent political history of Cuba restricted that text with successive amendments until it was completely annulled, replacing it with the Constitution of 1976. It is ironic that Cuban communists, the same political forces that later distorted it, participated in its drafting.
  • The communist constitutions of 1976 and 1992 emphasize ideological definitions of the Cuban revolution over individual freedoms. Likewise, these two constitutions place greater emphasis on the permanence of an epic and transhistorical epic that encompasses all sectors of Cuban society, to the detriment of its practical management.

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