Algebra and Politics and Other New York Texts

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Pablo de la Torriente Brau wrote from New York Cartas cruzadas, a formidable correspondence of his second exile (years 1935 and 1936). One of the letters included constitutes by its length and content a sharp and intelligent political essay by Torriente Brau.
Although it has been published independently under the title Algebra and Politics, Linkgua editions has gathered this accurate and excellent essay along with its numerous epistolaries under the name of Algebra and Politics and other New York texts.
In the words of the same author this symbiosis between his personal correspondence and his thought is part of his vital work:

“My letters are the official minutes of my thought. I am never afraid to write what I think, neither with a view to the present nor to the future, because my thinking does not have two edges or two intentions. It is enough to have a single very powerful and sharp edge that gives you the internal and firm conviction of my actions. I don’t care about anything either, getting politics wrong. I think that only those who do not work, those who do not fight, are not wrong.”

Yesterday I sent you the historical mamotreto. Today I think this is going to be another mamotreto but algebraic. See. Speculating, speculating, yesterday I discovered the intimate connection of algebra with politics. Because if there is no doubt that politics is a problem, algebra is the science responsible for solving all general problems of quantity. From there came to my imagination what I consider an intimate connection between the two. Don’t think I’m crazy or more of a joker than other days. It is a serious matter. Reviewing in my imagination the entire complicated Cuban political landscape of today —which varies so much from here to tomorrow— and in which there are so many things to be resolved and still to be raised; and there is such an enormous confusion of factors and so much contradictory possibility of results, as a natural thing came to me the memory of when I studied algebra at the Institute of Santiago, where Marcio’s father put me El Cometa, because from time to time he appeared in class, brilliantly solved some equations or factors, and disappeared without leaving any other trace than that of the absolute security of finding myself playing ball in the Jetty. Today, I am absolutely sure that my true way, despite my failures and my miserable passes, was out there, by algebra, geometry, all that mathematical science, full of speculation, discovery, imagination and greatness. The day less thought I start to study all that and even if it is at eighty years old you will hear about tremendous discoveries.

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