Afro-Cuban Stories. Patakines

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Afro-Cuban Stories. Patakines is an anthology of oral narratives of African origin, which have been transcribed into Spanish in the religious rituals of Cuba and the Caribbean. They refer to the origin of the deities of the Yoruba religion and also tell stories of that culture that are usually interpreted within the framework of the divinatory system of Ifá.
In Cuban syncretism many of these stories have adopted elements of the Christian religion or myths of rural character, associated with other cultures of the island of Cuba.
However, the main source of these texts is Yoruba culture and language.
For this edition of the Afro-Cuban Stories we have ordered the patakines of each orisha (or saint) with the purpose of establishing its multiple variants. Although some of them differ in very small details and are repeated, we consider that these variations provide relevant elements for the understanding of the doctrinal corpus and Afro-Cuban cosmology.
The order we have given to the stories of these Afro-Cuban Stories is not the usual one. We have arranged them in the following sequence that follows chronology of the founding myths of the Yoruba culture:

  • Yoruba cosmology
  • Stories of demigods and men
  • About the Ifá divination system
  • Stories about kings and powerful men

We intend to respect the general history of this people, the causes and their effects narrated in their myths.

In the beginning of things, when Oloddumare came down into the world, he was accompanied by his son Obatalá. Under the sky there was only water. Oloddumare gave Obatalá a handful of soil stuffed into a snail and a chicken. Obatalá threw the earth forming a mound in the middle of the sea and the hen began to dig the earth spreading it and forming the world we know.

Edited by Rado Molina.

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