Admiral Cervera’s Squadron

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Illustrated rustic ISBN: 9788411268028
ISBN hardcover: 9788411263214
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The publication of Admiral Cervera’s Squadron (La escuadra del Almirante Cervera) cost Víctor María Concas a court martial for his criticism of Spanish politicians.
Concas was the captain of the Infanta María Teresa, flagship of Admiral Cervera’s squadron in the Battle of Santiago de Cuba. Born in Barcelona on November 12, 1845, he took part throughout his long career in numerous actions. He fought in the Pacific, the Philippines and Cuba for three decades.
In the last years of his life he wrote these memoirs about the destruction of the Spanish squadron in Cuba. Fact that began the so-called Crisis of 1898. Thus he denounced the responsibility of the press in the senseless war agitation and the politicians who, in his opinion, had led Spain to disaster and then pretended to judge the behavior of the sailors and blame them.
The Infanta María Teresa received 29 hits from enemy artillery and suffered 70 casualties. The final toll of the battle rose to 350 dead, 160 wounded and 1,600 Spanish prisoners. After a list of casualties, many of them friends of his, Concas wrote:

«(…) all, in short, had paid the horrible tribute to the mistakes of others; and all to give an easy victory to the enemy and leave Cuba, the Philippines and the whole of Spain at his immune disposal; that if such a sacrifice had been for the good of the country, it would still seem little to us that we had all died for its prosperity and greatness.”

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