Act of Independence of the Mexican Empire

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The Act of Independence of the Mexican Empire is the document that declares Mexican independence. It was drafted in the National Palace of Mexico City on September 28, 1821 by Juan José Espinosa de los Monteros, secretary of the Supreme Provisional Governing Junta.
After independence was declared, Agustín de Iturbide proclaimed himself emperor. He was in office until 1823, when he abdicated and went into exile in Europe.
The Act of Independence of the Mexican Empire is the first constitution with full legal force of independent Mexico.
She was acquitted in 1824. That year a Constituent Congress promulgated the Constitution of 1824. It established the republican and federal regime of the country. The first president of the new republic was Guadalupe Victoria.
The following is an excerpt from the Minutes:

Act of independence of the Mexican Empire, pronounced by the Sovereign Junta gathered in the Capital on September 28, 1821.
The Mexican Nation, which, for three hundred years, has had neither its own will nor the free use of its voice, today emerges from the oppression in which it has lived.
The heroic efforts of his sons have been crowned, and the eternally memorable enterprise is consummated, which a genius, superior to all admiration and praise, for the love and glory of his country, began in Iguala, continued and carried out, overwhelming almost insurmountable obstacles.
Restored, therefore, this part of the Septentrión to the exercise of all the rights granted by the Author of Nature and recognized as unattainable and sacred the cultured nations of the earth; at liberty to constitute himself in the manner that best suits his happiness; and with representatives who can express their will and designs; begins to make use of such precious gifts, and solemnly declares, through the Supreme Junta of the Empire, that it is a Sovereign Nation, and independent of ancient Spain, with whom, henceforth, it will maintain no other union than that of a close friendship, in the terms prescribed by the treaties; that it will establish friendly relations with the other powers and as many acts as the other sovereign nations can and are in possession of permitting: that it will be constituted, according to the bases that in the Plan of Iguala and Treaty of Córdoba, established, wisely, the First Chief of the Imperial Army of the Three Guarantees; and finally that it will sustain, at all costs, and with sacrifice of the assets and lives of its individuals, (if necessary) this solemn declaration, made in the capital of the Empire on September 28, 1821, the first of the Mexican Independence.

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