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About Latin America collects the American passions of Miguel de Unamuno. To talk about the peculiarities of the New World, Unamuno invented the word “Americanness”, this book collects his main reflections on the subject.
Reading his articles published in different Latin American newspapers and magazines, his letters and reflections it is evident that Unamuno had a great interest in the issues of Hispanic America.
Between 1901 and 1906, Unamuno worked at the newspaper La Lectura (Madrid) as editor of the section entitled “De literatura hispanoamericana”. This activity put him in contact with the literary and historical works of Latin America.
Also, and thanks to the mediation of Rubén Darío, Unamuno had begun to collaborate in La Nación (Buenos Aires). Between 1899 and 1935 he sent hundreds of articles and essays to this and other newspapers and magazines in Latin America.
However, Unamuno’s most important link with Latin America was as a result of his reading of the literary and historical works of this continent. In addition to your correspondence and your personal contacts and friends,
It is for this reason that the writer is in constant search of the Spanish antecedents of his favorite Latin American works, such as Martín Fierro.

“The message that, like the arrow that launched the birth when withdrawing from the battlefield, the Lord Count of Romanones placed in the hands of His Majesty the King in the Council of Ministers in which the last ministerial political crisis ended, has been commented, and will continue to be commented on for some time.
We are not going here to comment on it but in a part of permanent interest. The message seems to us, in general, good, very good. The only bad thing about him is that he belongs to who he is, because even those most identified with the meaning of the document find it very difficult to believe in the sincerity of the person who wrote it, and we fear that it will not be more than one more skill.
But let’s go to the case that now and here matters to us. It states, among other things, the document:
“Another consideration weighs on my mind. Spain is the repository of the spiritual patrimony of a great race. It aspires historically to preside over the moral Confederation of all the nations of our blood. And that aspiration will be definitively ruined if, at such a decisive time for the future as the present, Spain and her daughters appear spiritually divorced.”
We can assure you that these paragraphs will not be read with sympathy beyond the seas, in Hispanic America, in those nations of our language — of them and of us — since the supposed community of blood often implies a tricky problem. Let us therefore give ourselves with that of language, which is clear and historical, and ensure that these words will not be received with general sympathy among those nations to which we persist in treating ourselves as daughters and not sisters. And in civility, which is what matters, that filiation is more than doubtful.”

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