A Secret Grievance, Secret Revenge

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A Secret Grievance, Secret Revenge (A secreto agravio, secreta venganza), by Calderón de la Barca, belongs to the cycle of comedies inspired by the theme of jealousy and revenge in the name of honor, with the classic plot of honor in sullied and its restitution through violence. These include:

  • The doctor of his honor,
  • The painter of his disgrace
  • and The Biggest Monster, Jealousy.

The action of A Secret Grievance, Secret Revenge place in Lisbon. There Don Lope de Almeida, a nobleman married by proxy with the Castilian Doña Leonor de Mendoza, discovers that a former lover of his wife, now tries to dishonor him. So Don Lope kills his enemy and then, always in secret, as the title of the piece indicates, burns Doña Leonor in her palace.

Day one

The King Don Sebastián, Don Lope de Almeida, Manrique, servant, and accompanying people leave.

Don Lope: Again, great sir, I have asked you
This license, and another you have had
for good my marriage;
but I, who always in so much attentive light,
I live in your countenance, I come to give you 5
account of my choice, and beg you
that in your grace may I
hang up the weapons, and let Mars give in
to Love the glory, when in peace receive,
instead of high laurel sagrada oliva. 10
I have served you, and I only hope
is at the mercy of the last award,
Well, with this successful license
Today I will go out to receive my beloved wife.

King: I esteem your taste and your increase, 15
and not to be busy
in the war I have attempted in Africa,
Be your godfather.

Don Lope: Eternal last that divine laurel
May your temples crown. 20

King: I esteem your person very much.

(Vase the King and accompaniment.)

Manrique: You are happy.

Don Lope: I Badly Knew
My Joy and Glory
disguise their joy.
Happy me if I could 25
Fly today!

Manrique: To the wind you equal.

Don Lope: Little use, that the wind
It is lazy element.
Love me his wings,
will fly scorched and blind, 30
for he who surrenders to the wind
wings of wind sails,
and those of love are of fire.

Manrique: Why disabuse me
I can believe you’re 35
cause, tell me what you’re coming to
in such a hurry.

Don Lope: Let’s get married.

Manrique: And don’t you see that it’s a mistake?
worthy of astonishment to the world
that a man is going to marry 40
In such a hurry, sir?
If today you are getting married,
of the same wind you complain,
What do you leave to do, what do you leave
When are you going to be widowed? 45

Fragment of the work

Madrid, by María de Quiñones, 1637.

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