1. The idea

IA-Libris allows you to browse your digital library using the following advanced functionalities.

IA-Libris is:
1. An intelligent chat verified by specialists that includes in its answers the sources consulted, most come from your catalog. So with IA-Libris you can ask questions to your books and literally talk to them, receiving answers with the style and tone of the author that serves as a source to answer your questions.
IA-Libris is also an augmented reading environment that provides links, with text fragments of the contents consulted, and allows viewing related videos.
3. IA-Libris also learns from the questions you ask in its smart chat that allows us to generate thematic packages from the most frequently asked questions and the knowledge of the specialists who work with us.

2. First version

In this first version we train IA-Libris to analyze the catalog of Linkgua Ediciones, especially the hors d’oeuvres of Miguel de Cervantes and the work José Lezama Lima.

With IA-Libris, you can browse through our books in an easy and categorized way. Through a carousel with suggested links.

IA-Libris allows your library to give answers you would never have been able to find.

You will see how during the process of deploying IA-Libris in your library its answers are increasingly complete and contain more relevant data obtained.

The tableau of wonders

3. Benefits

  1. IA-Libris is a Chat that introduces Artificial Intelligence into our library of and gives personalized and relevant answers, verified by specialists.
  2. IA-Libris offers an augmented reading experience with snippet carousels of related content and videos. This will allow you a deeper exploration of the contents.
  3. With AI-Libris, you will be able to discover, with just a few clicks, facts, relationships and data impossible to find in a research executed by humans.

Books will no longer be like before.
Now understanding and explaining a book is easier than you think.

The QR of our print editions displays IA-Libris and its chat for answers to questions about our classic Hispanic books.

Choose your topics of interest and we train AI-Libris to respond on their own.

Explore your books on a smart, next-generation reader

Create intelligent books, AI-Libris will take them to the next level

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Talk to our chat and discover a universe of information about our books

* IA-Libris can use the APIs of OpenAI, DBpedia, Wolfram Alpha, Vertex AI, Google Maps, YouTube and Vimeo, among others.

IA-Libris Terms and Conditions