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First Folio

First Folio, first editions at NFT

First Folio is the first book publishing library in NFTs. It contains limited digital first editions, duly certified with the blockchain and a smart contract indicating the edition dates and their ISBNs (the first ones assigned to books in the metaverse).

When you purchase our NFTs, you acquire numbered digital first editions, accompanied by unique digital artwork inspired by the book. The works are unique images, videos and musical compositions, chosen by contemporary art curators and form a collection that will continue to grow.

First Folio’s Hispanic series

First Folio’ s Hispanic series includes the main classics of the Spanish language, Don Quixote and Lazarillo de Tormes; along with El collar de la paloma, the Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam; the founding constitutions of Ibero-America and other key historical documents of Hispanic history.

The series is divided into four categories: Literature, Religion and Spirituality, Manifestos and Founding Constitutions, and Abominable Books.

First Folio is the name of the first publication of Shakespeare’s plays. Copies of that edition are now highly valued in auction houses.

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