die neue Typographie. Jan Tschichold
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Die neue Typographie. Jan Tschichold

Die neue Typographie (The New Typography) is a book written by German graphic designer Jan Tschichold in 1928. It is a seminal work in the history of graphic design and typography, and has exerted a great influence on the field of visual design.

In this book, Tschichold defends a revolutionary vision of typography and design, breaking with traditional conventions and establishing modern and functional principles. It advocates the elimination of unnecessary ornaments and ornaments in typography, favoring simplicity and legibility.

Tschichold advocates the use of asymmetrical typography, where letters and graphic elements are placed in a non-symmetrical way, generating a more dynamic and visually attractive design . It also highlights the importance of using grids and geometric structures to organize the design in a coherent and balanced way.

This book has been a source of inspiration for many graphic designers and has left a lasting mark on the theory and practice of typographic design. Many consider Die neue Typographie to be a manifesto of modern design and a turning point in the evolution of graphic design in the twentieth century.

Die neue Typographie has been our reference and guide for twenty years.

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